Happy first day of SNOW!

With the cooler temperatures settling in, please make sure that you send your child dressed appropriately to go outside (warm coat, hat, and mittens–snow pants and boots if snowy or very cold) every day.
Please help your child practice being independent with putting on and taking off his/her winter gear. Unless it is raining or below zero, we will be outside three times each day: in the morning (15 minutes), lunch (20 minutes), and again at the end of the day (20 minutes).

Teaching children to be independent with putting on winter attire is an important life skill for children to learn. Here are some helpful tips to help the process of winter dressing:
*Athletic or stretchy pants and shirts to make it easier to change into snow pants and coats.
*Putting mittens on can be faster and easier than gloves.
*Snow boots- Velcro closures rather than laces

Order of dressing that is currently being practiced at school:
1. Snow pants
2. Boots
3. Coat
4. Hat
5. Mittens/Gloves/Scarf

Plan on more time to let children independently put on winter clothing. This will not only help them to get better with dressing independently at a faster pace, but boost their confidence as well.
Thank you for helping your Kinder become more independent and confident!

Mrs. Wert

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Our school Walk-a-Thon is scheduled for Friday, September 27.  The theme for our event is Alward School Pride.

Click HERE to support Team Wert!

  1. We are trying a new online donation system. Every bit counts!
  2. The goal is for EVERY student to create an online registration.
  3. Classroom prizes have changed this year. The class that raises the most money in donations will receive the trophy AND a $100 Amazon or Visa gift card for their classroom. 2nd place will receive $75 gift card to Meijer for their class and 3rd-7th place (one winner per grade after 1st and 2nd) will receive a $50 gift card to Meijer for their class.
  4. Money this year will be going to support family events & school wide literacy initiatives (like the One School, One Book program).

Individual Prizes for Students

  • Donations of $36 or more – student will receive a gift certificate for a free kids meal.
  • Donations of $100 or more – student will receive a Vitale’s pizza lunch with their teacher
  • Donations of $150 or more – student will receive a swag bag with lots of fun goodies.

(Prizes will be Cumulative)

School Wide Goals/ Prizes

  • $10,000 – There will be a Chicken Dance/Dance-Off between Mrs. McClure and teachers for each Walk-a-Thon time.
  • $14,000 – Melanie will be dressing up as the Hudsonville Eagle and holding a “Honk if you have Eagle pride” sign at morning drop off and afternoon pickup.
  • $18,000 – Melanie will be kissing and milking a farm animal.

We are looking forward to a great Walk-a-Thon this year.  Thank you for all you do in helping make this event a success!  Information will go home with your student TODAY.

To support our classroom, click HERE!

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ABC Bootcamp


Dear Families,

Welcome to ABC Bootcamp! For the next 26 days, we will be learning the letters of the alphabet and the sounds of those letters.  We will be learning  one letter/sound each day. Moving forward, we will continue to practice ALL letters and sounds everyday. Research shows that learning a letter a day means better readers and writers!

Each day we will make a chart with pictures for each letter to practice letter names and sounds.

We also need help from home! Your child will be assigned a letter and when it’s time for their assigned letter, we ask that you send in an object that starts with that letter. All objects will be returned. Below, is a calendar with your child’s assigned letter and day. Remember just one item please!

At the end of ABC Bootcamp, we will celebrate with a fashion show. We will send home more information about this project later!

Thank you for helping us with our ABC Bootcamp and for kicking off our year of learning!

Mrs. Wert

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First Week of Kindergarten

Wow! What a great first week of school!

We read LOTS of books, had an orientation to learn how to beSAFE, RESPECTFUL, and RESPONSIBLE in our school, explored learning tools in our classroom, and learned a lot of routines to help us be Ready to Learn! When we’re ready to learn, our eyes are watching, ears are listening, our voices are quiet, and our bodies are calm. Everyone did a nice job!

We also worked on how to follow directions quickly, that’s our number one rule! It will help us be safe and ready to learn. When the teacher gives a direction, we

“Do it right away,

Do it the right way,

Do it with a happy heart and a happy voice!”

Please take a minute to empty your child’s yellow B.E.E binder(Bring Everything Everyday) tonight and send it back on Tuesday.This folder will contain important notes from school and papers/work to be proud of by your child! You may also send in notes, lunch money, etc. to me in this folder. It will come homeEVERYDAY from here on out. Please make sure to send it back to school each day.

Please check the reminders and requests below to help your child in the coming days.


If you haven’t done so already, please label your child’s lunch box, backpack, jacket, and water bottle. It can be tricky for students to identify these things. Thank you!

Back Packs

You may notice bus tags were placed on your child’s backpack.Please keep these attached as they will help me, as well as other teachers, direct them to the correct bus/car.


Please pack a healthy snack every day (even if your child gets hot lunch) place this snack in a SEPARATE part of your child’s backpack and NOT in the lunch box. Thank you for your help!


Thank you for all the supplies We have already put some of it to use and are excited to use more in the coming days!

Here is a link to our Amazon Classroom wishlist:https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/2S2OUSG1J8O7J?ref_=wl_share

Please let me know if you have any questions!

Have a great Labor Day weekend! School will resume on Tuesday,September 3.

Please remember to join our class Dojo.  I will be using it as our main form of communication.

Mrs. Wert

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First Day of Kindergarten (a.k.a I Can’t WAIT to See You!)

What will you need for Monday:

  • A written note, informing me of your child’s alternative plans if your child WILL NOT be going home as you indicated on the transportation list.
  • Your child’s BEE folder.
  • Completed forms for the office (found in the yellow envelope).
  • 1 NUT FREE Snack, please make sure this is NOT in your child’s lunchbox; rather in a backpack pocket that you go over with your child.
  • HOME LUNCH/drink – OR, if you’ll be ordering HOT LUNCH, be sure your kinder knows what lunch he/she will be ordering (white or blue).  See the August lunch menu for lunch options.
  • Name tag.  There were 3 inside the folder are to be worn on Day 1 (Monday), Day 2 (Tuesday), and Day 3 (Wednesday) of school.  Send them wearing their name tags.  My name is also on the name tags which will help get them to our classroom on these busy mornings!  I do plan to be outside the first couple of weeks a few minutes before the bell rings to ease any fears.
  • Please say goodbye to your child at the entrance and your Kinder will be walked down to our classroom by staff in our building.
  • **In the interest of our students safety, parents will not be allowed to walk students to class. You may say your goodbyes at the school entrance door, and your child will be escorted to his/her line. You will not be able to go wait in line with them. If your child is a bus rider, he/she will be delivered to an adult who will help them off the bus and find their line. Due to where the buses drop off, parents will NOT be allowed to pull in to the playground parking lot to follow the bus.  Thank you for helping to keep our students safe.
  • Enjoy these first day jitter tips:
  • Please contact me if you have any questions!
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Welcome to Kindergarten 2019/2020!

Welcome to kindergarten!  I’m so excited to have your child in my class this year!  Thank you for subscribing to our class blog.  Please review the pages across the top of the blog for more information about our classroom and school expectations.  I will be posting updates on the blog as we get closer to our open house date.  At open house, I will have you all subscribe to my main communication tool, Class Dojo (please click on the page titled Class Dojo on the top of the blog for more info).

I hope you all are enjoying your summer!

See you soon,

Mrs. Wert

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How to Unsubscribe to the Blog

Hello First Grade Families, 

If you are a parent from last year and your Kinder is moving on to a new grade and class, please follow the instructions below to unsubscribe to this blog.

1.  When you receive an email alert that the blog has been updated, scroll to the bottom of the email.

2.  At the bottom, look for the option to stop receiving emails.  Click on this and you will be all set.

Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 10.43.33 AM

Thank you again for sharing your child with me.  Have a great summer!  Please subscribe to your next year teacher’s blog!

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